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Student Housing Internet Delivery Design Best Practice: WiFi Management

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Download white paper HERE

The demand for ubiquitous, responsive WiFi in Student Housing is immense. If you can satisfy that demand, the rewards are also immense in terms of physical and economic occupancy and retention. In this, the third white paper in the Student housing WiFi Best Practice series, we explore the role of WiFi Management systems and their critical role in delivering adequate service.

Campus Technologies Inc, a leading managed network provider and system architect of high capacity wired and wireless Internet Access networks in residential student accommodation, today announces the availability of its latest white paper on best practices for Internet delivery in student housing, addressing the need to have student housing WiFi network professionally managed. This white paper is the latest in a series covering best practices for the student housing industry.

The three key factors to Student Housing WiFi success are coverage (how much usable wireless signal is available, and where); density (how many resident devices are served by a single wireless Access Point, or 'AP'); and manageability (making sure that the whole property WiFi system acts as a single, coordinated system and not just a sea of unmanaged islands of WiFi). 

WiFi Management has a very loose definition, it could mean almost anything, so CTI will explain the standard that is required of a WiFi management system to meet the intensive needs of today’s student housing. 

Without WiFi management, any Access Points installed at the property will behave as if each of them are the only important AP, to the detriment of all the others. This results in conflict, unreliable connections, long response times and ultimately, resident complaints.  In a managed system, the Wireless management system knows about all the AP’s at the property and changes the channels and signal strength (loudness) of every one in real time, to make sure the optimum balance of signal strength vs interference is achieved and the system operates as a cohesive, unified whole. To explore the subject of WiFi Management and to share the knowledge with Student Housing owners and operators (who are rarely become directly involved in the details of WiFi deployment BUT want enough information to make informed decisions that affect the WiFi amenity at their properties), Campus Technologies has made this new white paper available as a no cost download. A WiFi system at a student housing property that is designed to have adequate signal coverage, has adequate density, uses Enterprise grade components, and is fully managed will perform better than any other form of WiFi deployment available. It will result in a better resident User Experience, reduce or eliminate complaints, and keep residents happy and renewing their leases. This need not cost a fortune; if planned and designed properly it can be cost effective when compared to the very real cost of resident dissatisfaction. Download white paper HERE


ABOUT CAMPUS TECHNOLOGIES  Campus Technologies Inc. is a leading North American technology provider to both on and off campus collegiate housing. Established in 2001 it has maintained a dedicated focus on the technology needs of student residents and the owners and operators of Student Housing communities. 

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