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New White Paper On Wi-Fi Getting Its Biggest Upgrade in 20 Years

Updated: May 19, 2020

Andrew Marshall of Campus Technologies Inc just published a new white paper "Wi-Fi Is Getting an Important Upgrade: Why 6 GHz Wi-Fi that is coming soon may be a huge deal in Student Housing."

The newly announced 6 Ghz Wi-Fi band may turn out to be the biggest WiFi news in Student Housing in a decade, and Campus Technologies has just published a new white paper to keep you up to date.

In short, for the last few years, the underlying technology that has been used in a Student Housing setting has been the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard, which is highly reliable, most residents have compatible devices and it's very much been the gold standard for residential Wi-Fi in our industry. ​We have reached a very stable and mature technology plateau that is well understood, reasonably priced, and highly reliable by using Wave 2. THAT IS ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE​

On April 23rd of this year, the FCC approved a large amount of radio spectrum in the 6GHz band - never used before for Wi-Fi - to be allocated for unlicensed use.


Technically, it means less interference and more bandwidth for Wi-Fi. Practically, it means the gold standard we have been using to date will soon become obsolete.

To learn more about the upcoming changes and what it means for your Student Housing properties, below is a full white paper (also available for download as PDF).

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