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MDU Case Studies published in Broadband Communities Magazine.

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

"Visionary"? - You decide: Removing Authentication Layer Helps Boost Performance.

Back in May-June 2010, to appeal to young renters, the owner and managed network and service provider in this Philadelphia student housing community made internet access fast, unrestricted, and completely hassle-free. And this is what student housing residents of today expect; just as their parents never thought about having enough water coming out of the tap, they expect their internet pipes never to slow to a trickle. When they turn that "water" on, they want ALL their internet-fed apparatus - laptops, tablets, smart phones, media players, smart TVs, and game stations - to work, all the time. "When you say 'always on', you've got to mean 'always on,'" Andrew Marshall says.

Read it here (PDF)

Broadband Communities Magazine (p.48-49)

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