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Forecast: 2017 Student Housing Technology Trends

With 2017 on the horizon, the team at Campus Technologies routinely looks at the trends of 2016 so it can predict what will become popular in the near future. What will phase out? What innovations will be coming down the pipeline in 2017?

Strengthened Cybersecurity

It is no longer viable to use low-security consumer components in student housing wired and wireless networks because they do not provide adequate protection. Campus Technologies understands that when residents connect to one of our properties' Internet connections, they expect an adequate level of online security. Like everyone, students store important passwords on their computers, as well as bank account and credit card information, so Campus Technologies ensures that they are as well protected as possible by the network from potential online security threats. To improve resident security, more student housing communities are turning to enterprise-grade hardware and software in resident networks, which are the same technologies and components used to protect Fortune 500 companies. Campus Technologies is a leader in this level of technology.

Increased Emphasis on Wireless Density

Student residents are currently breaking records for the number of Internet-connected devices they own, including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Previously, wireless Internet connection services emphasized capacity, or bandwidth; now, connection services need to emphasize wireless density to support the immense number of connected devices. 


More student residents are consuming video programming via streaming and are watching less traditional television and cable than ever before. Campus Technologies is actively planning for when cable becomes marginalized and irrelevant to most residents. That isn't in 2017, but Campus Technologies is laying a lot of groundwork for further down the road.

As technology continues to become an increasingly integral part of the student housing experience, it is interesting to see how older technologies can be improved to better meet students' needs and how new technologies, like virtual reality, can transform the student housing experience. 

Axiometrics reports that more than 272,000 apartments are expected to come to market in 2017, making this an exciting time to be involved in student housing and explore how technology can improve the housing experience. 

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