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Management Overview




Campus Technologies Inc (CTI) is a privately held company established in 2001 that specializes in the provision of technology services to student housing owners and operators and their residents nationwide. CTI has the capability to consult, advise, design, implement and manage a variety of technologies in any combination, and has a staff of qualified, highly experienced service delivery professionals with significant specific student housing industry knowledge.


In addition to the design, delivery and support of wired and wireless Internet amenities both on and off campus, CTI also provides design, delivery and support of voice, video, cellular reinforcement, CCTV, access control, automation and audio visual to deliver a full spectrum of low voltage services to student housing properties.


CTI is a unique company – it is the only dedicated student housing technology provider than provides design and consultancy services, performs vendor-independent research and thought leadership and actually operates real, live student housing networks nationwide. You can be sure that technical recommendations made by CTI are based on actual, up-to-the-minute real world student housing network operating experience.


Student housing networks present unique challenges. CTI has the operating and technical experience needed to address these challenges and develop solutions.


This overview is divided into two sections, one specifically outlining CTI’s business relating to existing student housing facilities, and the second relating to new construction.



This section describes typical services provided by CTI to owners and operators of student housing properties. The list is by no means exhaustive but is intended to give a representative sample.


Network Health Check and Technical Audit

Independent  technical review of the Internet and other low voltage systems at a property, with a written report of findings and high level recommendations to resolve any problems identified.


Due Diligence Technology survey

Performed as part of a property or portfolio acquisition due diligence, CTI can provide independent surveys of the physical infrastructure and the contract environment of a student housing property, identifying any capital or operational expenses that may need to be taken into account as part of the proposed transaction, and providing a greater level of accuracy to acquisition proformas.


Wireless survey

Property-wide resident wireless (WiFi) is possibly the single most complex part of delivering Internet amenities to student residents, and the most likely to cause problems. CTI can conduct a full, on-site wireless survey using sophisticated active and passive technical survey tools. The resultant report provides a clear view of the fitness for purpose of a WiFi network on every part of the property, including graphical maps of signal coverage and interference.


Contract review

The contracts for data and video services can be as challenging as the actual technology itself. CTI can conduct a business review of contracts in place and identify opportunities for remediation and recommendations.


Problem remediation

Slow internet, unreliable internet, resident complaints – all these can translate into resident dissatisfaction and directly impact property NOI. CTI can identify and resolve problems at the property as required, working with vendors or independently.


Every problem is different, however, our approach to resolution is methodical and in most cases we are able to implement staged remediation, bringing improvements and stability to challenged networks in as little as two weeks.


Network management and operations

The majority of CTI’s business is the day-to-day operation of student housing resident networks, allowing CTI to draw on a broad and deep base of real-world operational experience.


Our support staff is not simply experts in telecommunications, but also domain experts in supporting both student housing networks and student housing residents.


CTI operates networks in a completely transparent manner, with no term contract requirement. A low, flat, per-bed fee is charged, bringing clarity and predictability to the provision of amenities and the budget process.


As part of the flat per-bed monthly fee, CTI provides:

  • 24x7 network monitoring and problem identification from our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center in Philadelphia PA

  • Resident Help Desk

  • Level 1, 2, and 3 wired and wireless network support

  • Full engineering support

  • Access to our trouble ticketing and network management systems to allow complete client visibility

  • RIAA/MPAA violation management

  • Contract management of bandwidth suppliers and vendors


Services Provided by CTI – NEW CONSTRUCTION

CTI provides a full suite of nationwide services for the design, development and implementation of low voltage systems for student housing new construction or adaptive reuse.


Working with owners, architects, contractors and vendors, CTI produces property-specific high-level requirements and then detailed construction specifications for the new development, ensuring a capable, functional, and fit for purpose infrastructure is planned and installed. CTI possesses a unique body of knowledge that can be applied to the design, using best practices developed over many years of student housing network design.


You can involve CTI in just one step of your project, or any number of steps from the initial concept through network commissioning.


  • Requirements analysis

  • Low voltage design

  • Project Management services

  • Electronics Design

  • Bandwidth bidding and procurement

  • Bill of Material

  • Formal Specification Documents

  • Standards identification

  • RF Design

  • CCTV design

  • Construction contract management

  • On-site inspection

  • Acceptance testing and wire standards certification

  • Electronics installations

  • Network configuration and testing

  • Go-live support and handover to Operations


Frequently, CTI is engaged to review existing designs as a peer review or to conduct design audits.


CTI will work with you to make your construction project a success, with a design that will provide a foundation for years of trouble-free operation.

For details regarding any of CTI’s services, please contact



Katerina Shineleva

(888) 288-2587

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Schedule Your Network Assessment 

Our services have helped property owners and operators to:

  • Increase resident satisfaction & referrals while getting higher retention rates & lower turnover

  • Increased revenue and ROI

  • Better marketability and increased property value

We provide Student Housing owners and operators with a lower cost and yet higher service level alternative to other ISPs.  We NEVER lock you in a long-term contract and we operate a TOTALLY transparent business model. 


We should be able to cover most strategic questions and considerations, however, if you have a specific circumstance that you need to discuss, any material you can provide us with ahead of the consultation will be useful.

We look forward to becoming a long-term partner in strengthening your business.

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