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Student Housing Managed Internet Network Provider

Corporate Headquarters

4119 Walnut St., 

Philadelphia, PA 19104


Improve Your Student Housing Internet:

Tel: +1 (888) 288-2587


We are the oldest and most experienced private provider of managed wired and wireless Internet network, video, and CCTV services to off-campus student housing.



The internet is interconnected; where is the centre of interconnectivity located and who owns it?


Why has no one created a second internet?


​Is fiber broadband futureproof?

​​Why do we need data connection to access even free websites?

​Why does the speed of WiFi drop to 5.5 Mbps once in a while?

​Is the internet really just a communication internet?


Will there be other internets that will evolve, such as the internet of consumer items, the internet of energy production and conservation, and the internet of transportation?

​​How difficult is it to get a dedicated private internet constructed in one's home?

Can Internet be made offline?

​​What was it like growing up without having the internet?​

​How did the Internet and technology, and computers dramatize the hotel industry?


What businesses have been invented since the Internet/computer?

​​How can we build a decentralized internet?

Can a hacker hijack the control of your computer if you are using a cable-based internet connection?