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Are you a student housing property owner or manager, or a technology company providing products and services for the student housing market? We provide qualified, experienced, and impartial advice because we are independent - without ties to any communications provider, company, or hardware manufacturer. 


Our consulting service is equally applicable in new construction, adaptive reuse, or currently operating student housing properties, whether garden style, high rise, or scattered site. Our experience has been gained in some of the largest companies in the world so you can be assured of qualified and professional service.


  • Design of wiring and equipment spaces

    • New construction for optimum cost efficiency and operational lifespan

  • Acquisition due diligence of technology services (both resident and leasing office) and costs

    • Internet

    • Telephone

    • Video services

    • CCTV and

    • Digital lock systems such as Saflok

  • Negotiation and supplier management of technology providers

  • Audit and inspection of systems installed in your properties

  • Pricing and marketing strategies for resident services

  • Integration of services with property management systems

  • Market research and analysis of the student housing sector

  • Technical requirements analysis

  • Consultancy services to product management teams

  • Advice on

    • Web presence,

    • Payment Systems,

    • Use of communication tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

  • Market Research and Analysis of the Multi-Tenant Space

    • Technical requirement analysis

    • Consultancy services to product management teams

    • Alpha, beta and first customer testing of voice, video and data products

Schedule Your Network Assessment 

Our services have helped property owners and operators to:

  • Increase resident satisfaction & referrals while getting higher retention rates & lower turnover

  • Increased revenue and ROI

  • Better marketability and increased property value

We provide Student Housing owners and operators with a lower cost and yet higher service level alternative to other ISPs.  We NEVER lock you in a long-term contract and we operate a TOTALLY transparent business model. 


We should be able to cover most strategic questions and considerations, however, if you have a specific circumstance that you need to discuss, any material you can provide us with ahead of the consultation will be useful.

We look forward to becoming a long-term partner in strengthening your business.

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Thank you. Let's make a difference together!

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