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The demand for ubiquitous, responsive Wi-Fi in Student Housing is immense. If you can satisfy that demand, the rewards are significant in terms of physical and economic occupancy and retention.


The three pillars of a successful Internet Network are coverage (how much usable wireless signal is available, and where); density (how many resident devices are served by a single wireless Access Point, or 'AP'); and manageability (making sure that the whole property Wi-Fi system acts as a single, coordinated system and not just a sea of unmanaged islands of Wi-Fi).


Without proactive Wi-Fi management, any Access Points installed at the property will behave as if each of them is the only important AP, to the detriment of all the others. In a fully managed system, the Wireless management system knows about all the AP’s at the property and changes the channels and signal strength (loudness) of everyone in real-time, to make sure the optimum balance of signal strength vs interference is achieved and the system operates as a cohesive, unified whole. A Wi-Fi system at a Student Housing property that is designed to have adequate signal coverage, has adequate density, uses Enterprise-grade components, and is fully managed will perform better than any other form of Wi-Fi deployment available. It will result in a better resident User Experience, reduce or eliminate complaints, and keep residents happy and renewing their leases. This need not cost a fortune; if planned and designed properly it can be cost-effective when compared to the very real cost of resident dissatisfaction.

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Our services have helped property owners and operators to:

  • Increase resident satisfaction & referrals while getting higher retention rates & lower turnover

  • Increased revenue and ROI

  • Better marketability and increased property value

We provide Student Housing owners and operators with a lower cost and yet higher service level alternative to other ISPs.  We NEVER lock you in a long-term contract and we operate a TOTALLY transparent business model. 


We should be able to cover most strategic questions and considerations, however, if you have a specific circumstance that you need to discuss, any material you can provide us with ahead of the consultation will be useful.

We look forward to becoming a long-term partner in strengthening your business.

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